, main sponsor of Real Sociedad

It will feature on the front of the men's first team jersey during the 19-20 season

It is an innovative interactive platform of sports media recently released and last generation

It is in a new stage of development and seeks to become a multilingual platform of world reference

Real Sociedad has reached an agreement with to become our main sponsor during the 2019-20 season. is a new, innovative interactive sports media platform of the latest generation. Real Sociedad will play tomorrow with the new sponsor featured on the shirt.

Innovative and interactive sports media platform

As an interactive new generation soccer platform, it collects all the latest football information and statistics from the world's leading sports media. Based on users' favorite news and statistical analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to evaluate and integrate these findings in order to help improve the interactive experience with other soccer fans during live broadcasts. As a next-generation media platform, aims to keep users updated on the news through regular interactive updates every five minutes. is a rapidly-growing platform which is in a vital stage of development and that aims to become a multilingual platform of sports media of world reference, providing a continuous improvement in the user experience and full coverage of football. You can also get fast and accurate information, outstanding goals and post-match statistical analysis, fulfilling your desire to "what they want to see is what they get" on

In this moment of growth, this interactive soccer media platform is available in three languages - Chinese, English and Vietnamese. Subsequently, it will implement other versions of other languages ​​such as Spanish, Thai, Portuguese and German. covers more than 1,600 football competitions and its annual production reaches hundreds of thousands of match figures. From each match, updated information is delivered to the users, allowing them to capture the action and interaction of the match live.

First team jersey, stocks and other media will also have a presence in training wear, as well as in other strands of our club. Similarly, within the framework of this commercial agreement, will carry out different brand activations in order to expand its market. Likewise, Real Sociedad will make an institutional visit to our sponsor. In the near future, the shirt with the new advertising will be marketed in our stores.

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