Our supporters' groups

Our supporters' groups represent a key part of our fan base and they play a vital role in bringing the club's faithful together for every away trip, regardless of how much travelling is involved. The peñas are the driving force behind the spirit of togetherness that reigns amongst the fans, they're the voices behind every chant and song that emanates from the stands. The groups' members are the ones who fly the Txuri-urdin flag off the field. They're the ones who have always been there, are still there and will always be there. They're the supporters' groups. Our supporters' groups.

Download the full list of supporters' groups

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Datos de mapasDatos de mapas ©2017 Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional
Datos de mapas ©2017 Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional
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Create your own official supporters' group

Create a fan group is all about, coming together with those you know and those that you just haven't met yet. Coming together with friends you've known since your childhood and those you see once a fortnight. Coming together as one big community united by a common passion. Creating a peña is a way of getting closer to the club. and it's easier than you might think. Find out more!

Official Statutes for supporters' groups

We tell you all about the Statute Models which govern the running of the Real Sociedad supporters' clubs.

Regulations regarding trips

After meeting with the Basque government's department for economic development and competitiveness, Real Sociedad wishes to inform its supporters' groups of the legislation relating to the organisation of trips by attaching the current Decrees, with a view to ensuring that all of the supporters' groups are aware of the current legislation, so as to avoid potential problems from arising in the future. For further information, please contact: 943022423 (Territorial Delegation for tourism).

Updating the supporters' groups census

We provide you with the form to update the Real Sociedad supporters' group census. To update the details of your supporters' club all you have to do is download the file below.

Register your official supporters' group

Get in touch with those responsible for our supporters' clubs, [email protected], and we'll help you to register your peña.