Sub-aquatic sports

David Tartane

19 september 1977, San Sebastián


David Tartane

19 september 1977, San Sebastián


Aitor García

07 october 1972, Aretxabaleta


Eder García

12 june 1990, Loiu


Imanol Fontaiña

22 august 1980, Trintxerpe


Iñigo Acha

25 july 1978, Deba


Josu Txasko

31 august 1977, Pasaia San Juan


Alex Sarrias

12 february 1973, Ezcaray


Urki Herrasti

01 february 1980, Aretxabaleta


Patxi Díaz

15 february 1962, San Sebastián


Igor Narvaez

15 august 1973, Mutriku


Joni Herrero

25 june 1971, Pasaia San Pedro


Ion Ander Ugarte

25 december 1967, Bergara


Xabier Ayerza

12 march 1969, Pasaia San Pedro


Sergio Álvarez

09 june 1975, Errenteria


Iker Álvarez

11 may 1977, Oiartzun


Iker Callejo

01 january 1976, Hernani


Félix Aguado

03 january 1966, San Sebastián


Sergio Rodríguez

18 june 1968, Irun


Borja Inza

11 october 1960, San Sebastián


Jesús Montesinos

23 october 1970, San Sebastián


José Formoso

30 august 1971, San Sebastián


Michel Ranero

27 january 1968, San Sebastián


Iker Zubillaga

28 august 1973, Tolosa


Teresa Santos

12 may 1966, San Sebastián


Yolanda Gallardo

09 march 1966, Irun


Elena Arce

14 december 1966, Berañain


Xabier Olaizola

03 august 1999, San Sebastián


Luís Martínez

16 april 1962, San Sebastián


Hilario Martínez

18 march 1963, San Sebastián


Iñigo Seco

30 july 1972, San Sebastián


Marco Tenés

10 june 1963, San Sebastián


Daniel Landa

04 september 1975, Donostia



This is one of the world's leading events for submarine lovers. Every year, the San Sebastián International Underwater Cinema Series (CIMASUB) allows us the opportunity to enjoy a diving experience from anywhere in the world all from the comfort of a cinema chair. The club has hosted this event, which is the second oldest festival of its kind in Europe, since 1974.

There's also a chance for children to take centre stage through the Txikiciclo (Short Films) programme. With the support of our Foundation, over 500 pupils from different schools across San Sebastián are offered a feel of sea life thanks to the screenings of short films and the activities hosted by the San Sebastián Aquarium. The aim of this initiative is to improve knowledge amongst the youngest members of our community about the sea and encourage respect for the environment.


The Real Sociedad de Fútbol Underwater Activities Club is a non-profit-seeking sports organisation made up of members who share a common passion for the sea and the marvellous beings that live in the ocean.

The organisation was founded in 1964 by a group of sea lovers who approached Real Sociedad de Fútbol to propose the creation of the underwater activities group.

When the sea permits, we compete in the following disciplines, which are listed by the Basque Federation for Underwater Activities (EHUIF) and the Guipuzkoa Federation for Underwater Activities (GUIF): Scuba diving, underwater photography, spearfishing and finswimming.

We've now been going for 50 years and continue to work hard to ensure that we go on to celebrate many more anniversaries.

We compete in regional, provincial and national competitions.

Competitions we compete in


  • Qualifying rounds for the Gipuzkoa Spearfishing Championship, the results of which count towards the Basque Championship.
  • Basque Spearfishing Finals, both individual and club competitions.
  • Competitions throughout Spain.
  • Spanish Championship, both individual and club competitions.
  • Social Spearfishing Championship.

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Underwater photography

  • Gipuzkoa GUIFOSUB Underwater photography Championship
  • Basque VAFOSUB Underwater photography Championship
  • Spanish NAFOSUB Underwater photography Championship
  • As well as open championships throughout Spain.
  • Social Underwater Photography Championship.

Freediving photography

  • Basque VAFOAPNEA Freediving photography Championship
  • Spanish NAFOAPNEA Freediving photography Championship
  • As well as open championships throughout Spain.


Alongside the Gipuzkoa Federation for Underwater Activities, we organise the Travesía Internacional de las Tres Playas (International Crossing of the three beaches), which throughout its four-decade history has represented a leading event in the discipline.


Every weekend and public holiday between May and October we organise diving excursions for the club's members in collaboration with the Gipuzkoa Federation.

During the winter months, we hold diving initiations in swimming pools, these sessions are aimed at school children, the winners of the writing competitions we organise within the club and the winners of the writing competitions held in April at the Gipuzkoa University Hospital.

Diving courses

We also organise one, two and three-star diving courses to work towards the qualifications awarded by the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities (FEDAS), as well as an Introduction to Spearfishing course and Underwater Photography training. If you would like to join our club and get enjoyment out of the submarine world, please get in touch by writing to [email protected] or via the club's website.