Scuba diving initiation

In love with the sea


Our subaquatic diving section has a deep love of the sea and that’s exactly what they aim to get across, through our scuba diving initiation sessions to those who are keen to enter into the world of diving. A few days ago, a number of novices got together on the beach at Getaria to get to know the sea in a different way – for the first time in their lives, immersed beneath the waves with an oxygen tank on the backs.

Before taking to the water, instructors gave them some basic tips about how to respond when underwater, as well as teaching the signals and fundamental rules of diving, so that everyone taking part would be relaxed and with the confidence required for their first experience in the sea. Once the guidelines had been given, the instructors helped participants into the water to begin their first immersion.

That’s the first step towards become a diver. Those who sign up for this sport almost always return to repeat it. And on coming out of the water, they are happy and impressed by the experience they have just gone through, it’s as though another brand new world has been opened up before their eyes.

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