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Matchday 22



The first women's team was founded in 1932 by Marita Abrisqueta, who was influenced by her brother José Luis - who was part of the men's side - and went to Barcelona to the city's Campo del Polo and bought a hockey stick, upon her return to the Txoko she made a suggestion to her friends and the inaugural team, which would compete for fun, was duly founded. Four years later, the team began to play under the name of Real Sociedad, under the stewardship of Sebastián Silveti. Given that there was no competitive league at this time, the side's fixtures were limited to friendly matches against Biscay-based outfits like Jolaseta, whilst the team also contested games against international opponents. One of the first of such clashes was the duel against La Vie au Grand Air du Medoc in Bordeaux, with the two teams subsequently going head-to-head back in Irún. Although the team's training sessions were staged at Atocha, the side's matches usually took place at Alza's Jolastokieta pitches.

It was in 1970 that the Real Sociedad women's hockey team entered the second stage of its history, as the side began its rise and cemented its place amongst the game's elite, achieving major success both nationally and internationally. The side claimed their first grass hockey title in Santander at the final stage of the Spanish Championship in the 1980/81 campaign, whilst the team secured the indoor hockey title in Madrid in the 1976/77 season. In 1974, the club's first girls team was launched and four years later this side lifted the Spanish Youth Championship in both the grass and indoor categories. The 1985/86 season saw the creation of the División de Honor, with La Real duly taking the title in the competition's inaugural season. To date, the club boasts seven División de Honor championship titles and 12 runners-up crowns. The team's trophy haul also includes three Copa de la Reina trophies and six runners-up titles. The side has also featured in several editions of the European Club Championship, in which the club's A and B teams took part.

In indoor hockey, the team has lifted the Spanish Championship title on four occasions, in 1977, 1981, 1992 and 1998. The side also captured third spot and a bronze medal at the 1999 European Indoor Hockey Championship in Glasgow.

The modern era

During the 2018/19 campaign the club fielded three women's team, who competed in the División de Honor, Primera División and Segunda División, whilst the club's men's side played in Segunda.

The club's feeder team is Santo Tomas Lizeoa, who have teams competing in the Juvenil, Cadete and Infantil divisions. These teams are coached by players and coaches of the Real Sociedad women's team.

Major achievements

In terms of the international feats achieved by members of our female squad, La Real players enjoyed a prominent role at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, with the following five members of Real Sociedad's women's team claiming a gold medal: Teresa Motos, Nagore Gabellanes, Maider Tellería, Silvia Manrique and Mari Carmen Barea. In recognition of their achievements these five players and the club's coaches, Arantza Urruzuno and Mari Ayestaran were decorated with the Real Sociedad gold pin.

Taking their places in Belgium for the 1991 European Championship were Inge Mitxelena, Teresa Motos, Nagore Gabellanes, Maider Tellería, Silvia Manrique and Mari Carmen Barea.

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Meanwhile, in the Champions Trophy held in Holland in 1993, the following players featured Eli Yarza, Begoña Larzabal, Erdoitza Goikoetxea and Mari Carmen Barea.

Taking their places at the Atlanta 96 Olympic Games were Teresa Motos, Nagore Gabellanes, Begoña Larzabal and Elena Urkizu.

The following players were all involved at the 2000 Sydney Olympics: Begoña Larzabal, Elena Urkizu and Erdoitza Goikoetxea.

Meanwhile, the following members of the team graced the 2004 Athens Olympics: Maider Tellería, who was featuring at her fourth Games.

María López De Eguilaz was involved in the Spain squad at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Taking their places at the 2009 EuroHockey Nations Championship held in Amsterdam were María López de Eguilaz and Anabel Flores.

The club's representatives to take part in the EuroHockey Nations Championship in Germany in 2011 were: María López de Eguilaz, Anabel Floresand Maialen García.

In the 2012 Olympic qualifiers in Antwerp (Belgium) María López de Eguilaz and Anabel Flores made the Spanish squad.

Included in the squad that competed at the 2015 EuroHockey Nations Championship in London were María López de Eguilaz and Patricia Maraña.

María López de Eguilaz was part of the Spanish ranks for the Olympic Games held in Rio in 2016.

In 1999 Teresa Motos was decorated with the club's gold pin in recognition of her glittering career, whilst in 2001 Mari Ayestarán received this distinction in honour of her time as a player and coach at the club.

In March 2017, Mari Ayestarán was awarded the Carmen Adarraga award by the government of Gipuzkoa.

Trophy haul

First division

  • Season 2013/14 Runners-up
  • Season 2012/13 Champions
  • Season 2011/12 Runners-up
  • Season 2010/11 Runners-up
  • Season 2009/10 Runners-up
  • Season 2003/04 Runners-up
  • Season 2000/01 Runners-up
  • Season 1999/00 Runners-up
  • Season 1998/99 Champions
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  • Season 1997/98 Champions
  • Season 1996/97 Champions
  • Season 1995/96 Runners-up
  • Season 1994/95 Runners-up
  • Season 1993/94 Champions
  • Season 1992/93 Champions
  • Season 1991/92 Runners-up
  • Season 1990/91 Runners-up
  • Season 1989/90 Runners-up
  • Season 1985/86 Champions
  • Season 1980/81 Champions
  • Season Campeonas

Queen's cup

  • Season 2014/15 Runners-up
  • Season 2013/14 Runners-up
  • Season 2012/13 Runners-up
  • Season 2011/12 Runners-up
  • Season 2010/11 Runners-up
  • Season 2001/02 Champions
  • Season 1993/94 Champions
  • Season 1990/91 Runners-up
  • Season 1986/87 Champions

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