Golden Drum

Greatest pride


This morning, our women’s team and field hockey team have been awarded the Golden Drum that is the highest distinction awarded by The City Council of San Sebastián. The Golden Drum will be kept at our museum and will be forever in our hearts. 

The major Eneko Goia presented the Golden Drum 2020 to our captains Nahikari García and Nereba Belzunegui. The City Council was packed with personalities from the political world and both our squads. They all had the privilege of hearing the speech made by the captains and by Garbiñe Etxeberria (Sports Director) and Maite Azkoaga (advisor). Both Garbiñe and Maite have devoted their lives to developing female football and female field hockey. In their speech, they have recognized the contribution of all the women who took the lead before female football and female field hockey were as we know them today. On their behalf, the captains expressed their gratitude for the award and promised to fight for the future of women’s sports. Emotional speeches that made the audience cry. What a moment, what an honor! Gora Donostia!

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