Golden Drum

Emotions running high


The ladies are already being recognised. Last night, both the women’s team and the field hockey team, recipients of the Golden Drum, were recognized during the dinner hosted in their honor. The feast took place at the Sociedad Gastronómica. Present at this event were the major Eneko Goia, the president of Real Sociedad Jokin Aperribay, other members of the city council and the txuri urdin Board of Directors.  

It was en emotional night but there will be more moving moments in San Sebastián Day. The ladies agenda will be as follows: 

Sunday 19:

Dinner at Sociedad Gaztelubide.

Monday 20:

12:30. Golden Drum award at the City Council of San Sebastián.

15:00. Lunch at Sociedad Istingorra.

00:00. Lowering of the flag.

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