Training program for the FORGSI Indonesia Academy

Real Sociedad’s collaboration with LaLiga


The training program for Andika Habibulloh and Muhammad Iqbal Maulana, conducted by FORGSI Indonesia Academy with LaLiga, with the collaboration of Real Sociedad, has come to a close.

Throughout the duration of their stay, which was facilitated by an agreement between the FORGSI Indonesia Academy, LaLiga, these two talented Indonesian players, both 13 years old, immersed themselves in a week of intensive training within the structure of Real Sociedad in Spain.

During this time, Andika and Muhammad trained diligently every day alongside the lower category teams of Real Sociedad. They embraced the rigorous regimen and had the opportunity to experience firsthand the training methodologies and playing styles of one of the world's premier training clubs.

Beyond the confines of the training grounds, Andika and Muhammad explored the enchanting city of San Sebastian, immersing themselves in its rich culture and taking in the breathtaking landscapes. They visited several iconic tourist spots, further enhancing their cultural experience.

A highlight of their visit was a tour of the beloved Real Sociedad Stadium, where they marveled  with the facilities and soaked in the storied history of the club.

As their time in San Sebastian ended, Andika and Muhammad had an unforgettable experience far from home. They had enjoyed the training experience with Real Sociedad and it has been incredibly enriching both on and off the field. They depart with hearts full of joy and memories that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors in the world of football.


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