RS Coach Training

Constantly learning


The results our teams achieve on the field are the consequence of the daily efforts at Zubieta. This player development process wouldn't be possible without the proper, well-trained, and experienced leadership of our coaches who guide their football careers. Like the players, our academy coaches are engaged in a continuous development process. As part of this journey, various talks and presentations were held last week at the Reale Arena and the Olarain Residence Hall. These sessions featured both prestigious external professionals and our own specialists, aiming to further educate our coaches in multiple aspects of sports and other areas of life.

Notable professionals such as Luismi Loro, an analyst for several LaLiga teams, Xavier Marcet, an expert in strategy, innovation, and transformation, and Jaime Sampaio, a Doctor of Sports Science, along with in-house experts like Roberto Olabe and Luki Iriarte, delivered educational and enriching presentations to enhance the comprehensive training of Real Sociedad's coaches.