Education, the core of development at Zubieta


At Zubieta, our mission goes beyond producing top-level footballers; we are equally committed to fostering well-rounded individuals. The holistic development of our young players is our daily focus in the academy. As Luki Iriarte, the director of youth football, explains, "We are pleased when our players reach the first team, but we are just as proud when they leave Zubieta with solid academic and personal foundations, ready to contribute positively to the social process of Gipuzkoa."

The journey begins with the careful selection of youth coaches who possess both educational and formative experience. This sets the stage for our players' growth, where athletic progress is paired with academic excellence. Our education department, consisting of six dedicated staff members, is deeply integrated into the daily life at Zubieta, maintaining constant communication with families and school tutors to monitor and support the players' academic journey.

Our success is evident: 93% of our university-age academy players are enrolled in degree programs. This remarkable achievement is the result of a comprehensive approach and a program that emphasizes stability and retention, with 70% of players who join our academy staying with the club until they are 17. This stability is a key factor in ensuring that nearly all our academy players pursue further education.

Whether or not they make it to the first team or become professional footballers, one thing is certain: they will leave Zubieta with a personal development that we are extremely proud of, equipped to play a significant role in the advancement of Gipuzkoan society.

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