Carlos’ farewell

“La Real will be my life”


Carlos Martínez appeared in front of the media at Anoeta and he did it accompanied by his wife Lydia, his teammates, the coaching staff, the members of the Board of Directors and the President Jokin Aperribay. 

“You arrived at Zubieta at the age of 18, that is an entire life in la Real. You belong to a generation that I was able to know close, full of values and great humanity. Your generation is an example in and for la Real. I hope that you take the best of the club with you. You have helped to build the best of la Real. Thank you for your contribution, for the way you have been, for the way you are. This is your home and it will always be”, said Aperribay.

Carlos Martínez: “I think I still do not believe it. It will be hard not to see my teammates, not to go to Zubieta every morning, to wake up and not to think of la Real. La Real is my life, I came here when I was 14, I have played in all the divisions and I have always honored the crest. I am proud of what I have done and how I have done it. These 18 years are not just a part of my life, they are my life. I will leave la Real but I will always carry it in my heart”.

The player from Lodosa thanked his wife, his parents and his teammates. “This is my life and it is better thanks to them”. He specially remembered the deceased Xabier Flores, Mario Soravilla and Tximist. “They all were very motivating and I hope they are proud of me. La Real is my life and wherever I go it will be always in the first place. I wish my teammates all the best. It has been a pleasure and I will carry them in my heart. I have always felt loved and respected. Fans appreciate me and I feel grateful for that. I did my best and they value it. I feel very proud”, he stated. 

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