“Sportstech Innovation Talks”

Technology in sports

The innovation hubs RS-Konekta Real Sociedad, Valencia CF Innovation Hub, Celta Lab 1923 and HUB23 have embarked on a collaboration organizing online conferences with the objective of debating and exploring present and future technologies in the world of sports and specially in football. 

Sportstech (sport and technology) is increasingly present in our day-to-day lives and professional sport is, without question, its greatest exponent. In order to be more competitive on and off the field, top clubs around the world do not want to fall behind the most powerful innovations. They must constantly adapt themselves to new business models, specially in a pandemic.

Therefore, three of the best clubs in LaLiga, Valencia CF, la Real Sociedad and RC Celta, together with HUB23, have organized online conferences with the aim of sharing and exploring different innovations which have already been implemented or that may be enforced in professional sport. Each talk will focus on specific areas as for example the new business models in the football industry, future of stadiums and sport cities, how to seduce fans or how to approach eSports from a football club.

RS-Konekta Real Sociedad, Valencia CF Innovation HUB, Celtalab1923 and also HUB23 will be presented in the first event which will take place in March. Talks will be online using platforms such as Twitch or the new Clubhouse. If the pandemic allows it, the event may be hybrid and there might be a physical audience. Should this be possible, the meeting will be held at the HUB23 headquarters in Barcelona.


Sports Clubs Innovation: Presentation of the three hubs & hub23 (March 23).

New revenue streams: New business models in the football industry (April).

Smart Stadium & training center. Future of stadiums and sport cities (May).

Fan engagement. How to seduce fans (June).

eSports & Sports teams. How to approach eSports from a football club (July).

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