We'll have to wait for another occasion. It couldn't be. Real were knocked out after losing to Mallorca in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw in both regular and extra time. Real, to make matters worse, missed a penalty in the first half. Despite displaying overall superiority, Mallorca's better performance from the penalty spot thwarted Real’s chances of reaching the final in front of their supporters.

The importance and tension of the clash were evident from the first whistle. Real controlled the game, without troubling Greif, while Mallorca, intense, sought to capitalize on any local defensive imprecision. In the first half-hour, neither goalkeeper had much to do. A long but accurately placed shot from Zakharyan forced the Mallorca goalkeeper to make a save. Another attempt from Abdón, just before halftime, narrowly missed Remiro's left post. As the game approached halftime, a Zubimendi move resulted in the ball striking Raíllo's hand, leading to a penalty. Brais, responsible for the kick, failed to execute it well, and Greiff successfully saved the penalty.

Real had a great start to the second half, but in the first visitor's arrival, a cross to the far post saw González head in to give Agirre's side the lead. Hasty attacks are never advisable and anxiety plays too significant a role. Galán attempted twice, and Becker, under pressure, tried his luck without success. The game looked grim, but as always, our great captain emerged to level the score. After a pass from Brais, Oyarzabal, with his right foot, beat Greif low. The goal spurred Imanol's team when they were on the ropes. Becker, with a shot from the edge of the area, forced the goalkeeper to make a remarkable effort to prevent the comeback. The game went to extra time, and nerves were at their peak.

Right from the outset, Real had a clear-cut double opportunity that Samu Costa thwarted twice by clearing off the goal line. Firstly, on Merino's header, and then on Tierney's rebound. In a surprising turn of events, VAR, lacking goal-line technology, ruled that the ball hadn't crossed the line. It's astonishing that it didn't result in a goal.

In the second half of extra time, with everyone exhausted, the game was open to sparks from the fresher players.  The score remained unaltered, leading us to a penalty shootout. Mallorca didn't miss, and Oyarzabal, who usually doesn't, missed the first in the shootout. Congratulations to Mallorca. We are Real.

Match details

Real Sociedad: Remiro, Traoré, Zubeldia, Le Normand, Javi Galán (Tierney, min.91), Zubimendi, Merino (cap) (Olasagasti, min.104), Brais Méndez (Turrientes, min.79), Zakharyan (Oyarzabal, min.63), Take (Sadiq, min.114) and André Silva (Becker, min.46).

RCD Mallorca: Greif, González, Valjent, Raíllo (cap), Copete, Jaume Costa (Lato, min.99), Samu (Mascarell, min.106), Dani Rodríguez (Darder, min.99), Antonio Sánchez (Morlanes, min.72), Abdón (Muriqi, min.62) and Larin (Radonjic, min.106).

Goals: 0-1: González, min.50. 1-1: Oyarzabal, min.72.

Penalties: 0-0: Oyarzabal (para Greif). 0-1: Muriqi. 1-1: Turrientes. 1-2: Morlanes. 2-2: Olasagasti. 2-3: Mascarell. 3-3: Zubimendi. 3-4: Radonjic. 4-4: Becker. 4-5: Darder.

Referee: Gil Manzano. Booked Le Normand for Real Sociedad and Copete, Jaume Costa and Muriqi for RCD Mallorca.

Attendance: 35,781 spectators

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