T-shirt pride

On an evening full of emotions, the speaker said something that made us feel very proud of the club we love: “In all of la Liga’s history, no more than 50 players have had the honor to belong to the “One Club man” list and 17 of them are la Real players”. The txuri-urdin feeling is even more intense if you remember our legends. Any player who has defended this shirt deserves a piece of history. ‘One Club Man’ footballers play their entire professional career with only one club and they are on a different level. No matter if they won championships or not, they hold the most important title, the one that recognizes values such as commitment, loyalty, the capacity to renounce and the pride of defending during all your life the colors you love since you were a child.

For all these reasons and coinciding with the farewell of our extraordinary ‘One Club Man’ Xabi Prieto, our draftsman Marrazketabar has designed a special t-shirt in memory of those players who decided to stay and finish their career with la Real. It is not necessary to win a title to become a legend.

From today, you can buy the t-shirt ‘One Club Men’ (grey or white) both in our online shop and at the Anoeta store (Opening hours: 10:00-20:00).

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