Yasuda Group, strategic partner in Japan


Real Sociedad has reached a global agreement with Yasuda Group to establish the Japanese brand as our main strategic sponsor for the international development of the txuri urdin organization in Japan. This alliance goes beyond traditional sponsorship and falls within our medium and long-term action plan in the Asian country.

The agreement, with a duration of three seasons, is based on three key areas. Firstly, Real’s international recognition as a pioneer in young talent development has not gone unnoticed in Japan. This has led to a strong commitment between both institutions to promote the talent development through several different platforms, for example, with football academies aimed at enhancing the sports and personal development of children across the Japanese nation.

On the other hand, this agreement stipulates that Yasuda Group will feature as the club’s principal sponsor. A sponsorship agreement that encompasses all areas of collaboration that such agreements entail. This alliance, as the third realm of collaboration, is further strengthened by the presence of our men’s first team in Japan to take part in several activities over the three-year duration of this partnership.

Yasuda Group

Yasuda Group ( is a corporate conglomerate that consolidates and diversifies its business around three areas: marketing operations, academy services and entertainment operations. This corporate group was founded at the turn of the 20th century by the Yasuda Zaibatsu family, one of Japan’s most influential and socially recognized families for over a century.

Yasuda Group has also expanded into the sports sector with the aim of using it as a tool for the development, education and inclusion of young people in society.

“We want to cooperate, empathize and share the same values with organizations that are leaders in the sports sector and to be pioneers in the sports industry through the synergies of sports and arts”, explains Yasuda Group. “Real Sociedad represents an opportunity to continue embodying the values we hold dear, fostering personal and collective growth. We want to embark on this challenge together.”

Keisuke Yasuda, CEO, explains why, from Yasuda Group’s perspective, Real Sociedad is its ideal partner to achieve its goals in the realm of football. “We believe that our vision and mission align perfectly with the ethos of Real Sociedad, driven by its strong emphasis on talent development. We perceive the club as an institution that cares about actively educating individuals who drive change, especially in the popular sport of football, contributing to the improvement of both athletic and human aspects of people. It is inspiring to see young aspirants, envisioning a bright future, embracing the mindset of challenge as they undertake numerous endeavors in the field of sports.”

To conclude, Mr. Yasuda stated, “we view this collaboration as a launch pad, a proactive approach to various challenges. We are committed to supporting and contributing to the club’s growth alongside the entire Real family, dedicating all our efforts to the club’s development.”

On the other hand, the president of Real Sociedad, Jokin Aperribay, has assessed this agreement. “It aligns with one of the new lines of work that we are pursuing, which is internationalization. The interest that Real Sociedad raises is growing internationally, and this agreement is a clear reflection of that. Japan is a country with very interesting possibilities for Real Sociedad. We are very excited about this agreement, as it represents a new position for Real that will help us in our consolidation as a club. Our commitment is to bring our way of understanding football with our values, those of Gipuzkoa, to Japan.”

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