A new skin takes shape


Nobility, energy, effort, improvement and constant evolution... the Gipuzkoa character has always been moulded with materials intrinsically linked to the world of art. Gipuzkoa is a land of great sculptors and artists who, for many years, have sought to reflect the way of being and doing of our nation in their works.

A feeling of belonging, admired in every corner of Europe and the world, which has been inherited from generation to generation and has always expanded internationally through art, culture, painting and music and, of course, through sport. La Real is also a disseminator of values.

Next season, we will be playing in the top continental competition and we wanted to symbolize this communion between art and soccer. Our shirt is the most iconic reflection of it and this is how our new skin has been shaped, from a work of art.


Creation of the sculptor Iñigo Manterola 

Iñigo Manterola is a prestigious sculptor from Orio, based in Zarautz. One year ago, he traveled to Eindhoven to cheer on his team. The possibility of expressing his concept of movement on the Txuri Urdin jersey was something he had in mind. He explained it to la Real’s representatives in the Netherlands and they were captivated by the project. 

Then, Iñigo got down to work in his studio. As in many sculpture processes, he first drew his idea on paper. Then, he three-dimensioned it. And the new blue stripes were born. Some bars look twisted, with volume, in order to give movement to his creations and collect the essence and unmistakable style of the author. 


His fellow countryman Imanol has been the first person to see the new jersey

It could not be anyone else. The boss who guided us to Europe again has had the privilege of being the first person to discover the new shirt. Last Thursday, Imanol visited the studio of his fellow countryman Iñigo, whom he has known since he was a child and of whom he already has a work of art. Of course, Imanol gave the go-ahead to this wonderful creation.

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