A legend is born

Crest for a day


This Saturday will stay forever in the minds of the realistas. It will be Xabi Prieto’s last match at Anoeta. For many reasons, Xabi is a player that could be the crest of la Real. An iconic player, a symbol who faithfully represents the values of the crest that he has defended all his life. La Real Sociedad considers that a unique player deserves an incomparable farewell.

Xabi Prieto has not won any title, but the realzales respect and admire him. This Saturday, will be his last game at Anoeta. Once the match is finished, he will become a la Real legend.

Eskerrik Asko Xabi Prieto. Eskerrik asko 10. Eskerrik asko kapitaina.

Thank you Xabi Prieto. Thank you 10. Thank you captain.

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