We bid farewell to a legend, an example, a man who has txuri-urdin blood. Xabi is much more than just a football player. He is fifth in the ranking of players with most games played in the history of the club. That is easy to say. Gorriz, Larrañaga, Zamora, Arconada and Xabi Prieto. Men who deserve a standing ovation. Xabi has played 530 games for la Real and hopefully, he will get back before the end of the season.

On the 20th of May, Xabi’s career will be recorded in the annals of history. A different footballer, a person with values, an example of txuri-urdin player, a proud homegrown player, a captain on the pitch and a model for every Zubieta player. He has always shown respect and humility in every gesture, in every look, in every autograph. So many years wearing the number 10 shirt. He is a gentleman, a txuri-urdin gentleman.

The 8th of October of 2003 is now past. On that day he made his Copa del Rey debut in Oviedo. First, he wore the number 26, later the number 24 and finally the number 10. The number with which he is most famously associated. He has always honored the crest and has shown pride in the ikurriña armband. A top football player, a top man, a top captain. He has always put the club ahead of his personal interests. He has proven himself to be a leader,  even when it was time to say goodbye. No one can say a bad word about Xabi. He will leave a lasting legacy at la Real. The current and future players from the Youth Academy at Zubieta will follow his example. Let’s enjoy him until the final day.

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