A man only dies if he is forgotten


Have you seen what we've achieved in the last 25 years? Yesterday, thousands of Real Sociedad fans looked up and asked Aitor Zabaleta the same question. Maider, from the Izar fan club, read a heartfelt letter addressed to Aitor. How proud he would be of his Real, its people, and the overwhelming outpouring of affection from everywhere over the past few days, culminating in the emotional gathering at the Reale Arena.

Real Sociedad supporters wanted to show their heartfelt respects. The overwhelming homage in front of his monument, organized by the Bultzada fan club, marked the beginning of an evening filled with emotions. Inside the stadium, the mosaic, the choreography, the constant chanting in his name..... and, as the grand finale, that amazing version of 'Txoria Txori' by Izaro, with the stadium illuminated and his family surrounded by the entire txuri urdin family. It is impossible to forget. A man only dies if he is forgotten. Beti gurekin. Forever in our hearts.