We are Real

A Way of Being and Doing


In Gipuzkoa, we have a different way of being and doing things. And when it comes to football, it's no different. At Real, we have always believed that success is possible with work, humility, devotion, and respect. That is how our model was created, in a special and genuine way. Always hand in hand with partner clubs. Training players and shaping individuals. Those who were born here and those who make San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa their home.

We embody commitment, reality, and authentic football. We are authentic, and we do things our way. We are effort, dedication, and family. We are dreams fulfilled and dreams yet to come. We are past, present, and future. A club that believes in young talents and competes in Europe. We are over 38,000 members cheering for a team and representing a way of being and doing.

We are unique. We are Real.

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