Appearance of Jokin Aperribay

“Can’t wait for the fans to return. We’re ready”


Jokin Aperribay appeared before members of the press today in the Reale Arena press room. First of all, the president showed appreciation for our members' loyalty in these difficult times in which strength and unity between everyone have been strengthened. The president announced that season ticket holders for the 2020 season will receive a 50% refund. In addition to the 20% refund paid out in June, members will get a reimbursement of 70% for their season ticket.

The Club will proceed to renew all the 2020/21 season tickets, charging the current fees. The rules and use of the season ticket will have to adapt to the regulations and limitations specified by the health authorities. “This decision has been taken because the Club needs to keep functioning as they have done so far. Since the start of the pandemic, Real have received 15 million euros less. We also do this for our members, for our relationship. The return to stadiums must be gradual and progressive. Moreover, we need to organize the Copa del Rey final and to this end, we must have a season ticket list. All measures will be reviewed in June. If games are attended, there will be neither Europe ticket nor club days”. 

The president also talked about the return of fans to the Reale Arena and Zubieta. On Saturday, Zubieta will open its doors for the match of the ladies team vs Levante. Our members will be able to attend the z7 pitch to watch both Sanse’s matches and the ladies team’s games. The number of people permitted in the stadium will be very strictly controlled and other precautionary measures will be implemented in accordance with health regulations.


As for the Europa League games to be played at the Reale Arena, Aperribay explained that “we are talking to the Basque Government and we are ready to welcome 1,000 fans in the match vs Napoli. The protocol assistance was set up in June. A draw will be held and the conditions will be specified on our web on October 20. Tickets will be non-transferable and we will follow the guidelines of the Basque Government plan Bizi Berri 2. We’ll comply with safety and health standards and regulations because what is most important is our health”.

Finally, the txuri urdin president spoke about the economic situation of the club. “We have seen our incomes cut in 15 million euros due to the coronavirus crisis. Still, we closed last year’s operating accounts with a positive balance and a profit of 3 million euros. We have delivered a positive 2021 budget. The evolution of the pandemic will shape its development. A significant investment has been made in the new stadium. The last payment will be made in December. We do not live in the lap of luxury but we are happy with the results”. 

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