General Meeting of Shareholders

Renewed Confidence in the Board

Real Sociedad shareholders ratified their confidence in the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting held this afternoon in the Kursaal. With more than 98% votes in favour in the four items put to the vote, the “txuri urdin” shareholders approved the accounts of the 2016-17 season and the budget for 2017-18. Also, with similar percentages, the shareholders supported the re-election of the current managers of the society and the appointment of new directors. 37.02% of the share capital took part in the General Meeting.

The votes in each of the items on the agenda of the day were cast as follows:

One: Review and approval, as appropriate, of the annual accounts for the year ended 30th June 2017, and of the social management and the proposed appropriation of the results of said financial year.

- In favour: 98.46%

- Against: 0.54%

- Abstention: 1%

Two: Review and approval, as appropriate, of the budget for the financial period running from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018.

- In favour: 98.40%

- Against: 0.52%

- Abstention: 1.08%

Three: Termination and appointment of members of the Board of Directors, determining the number in accordance with Art.22 of the By-laws.

Jokin Aperribay (98.21% of shares present), Angel Oyarzun (97.36%), Alejandro Pereda (97.44%), Alex Uranga (97.37%), Fermín Altuna (97.36%), Ignacio Serrats (97.37%), Javier Igarza (97.34%), Jesus Ruiz (97.34%), Aitor Díaz de Mendibil (97.34%), Joseba Ibarburu (97.34%), José Ramón Fernández Barrena (97.36%), Maite Azcoaga (97.38%) Mikel Ubarrechena (97.26%) and Nerea Aramburu (97.39%).

Four: Authorization to the Board of Directors for the interpretation, correction, supplementation, implementation and development of the agreements adopted by the Board, and to replace the powers it receives from the Board, and to grant powers to convert such agreements into a public deed.

- In favour: 98.28%

- Against: 0.62%

- Abstention: 1.10%

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