Shareholders reaffirm their confidence in the Board of Directors

This afternoon, Real Sociedad’s shareholders have reaffirmed their confidence in the Board of Directors during the General Meeting of Shareholders held on telematic attendance. With 99 percent of votes for regarding the three items put to the vote, the txuri urdin shareholders have approved the accounts of the season 19-20, the 20-21 budget and the updating of investment and financing of the remodeling of The New Anoeta. 32,66% of the share capital has participated in the assembly.

Voting with regard to each of the items of the agenda:

One: Examination and, if appropriate, approval of the annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, annual report, statement of changes in total equity and cash flow statement) all with respect to the Financial Year ended 30 June 2020 and approval of the corporate management for Financial Year 2020.

- For: 99,88%

- Against: 0,11%

- Blank: 0,01%

Two: Examination and, if appropriate, approval of the budget for the fiscal year beginning on July 1, 2020 and ending on June 30, 2021.

- For: 99,62%

- Against: 0,34%

- Blank:  0,03%

Three: Authorization to the board of directors to interpret, remedy, supplement, implement and develop the resolutions approved by the shareholders, as well as to delegate the powers received from the shareholders, and grant of powers to convert such resolutions into notarial instruments. 

- For: 99,65%

- Against: 0,08%

- Blank: 0,26%

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