"We want to build significant and successful projects with Yasuda in Japan."


This afternoon in Tokyo, Japan, Real Sociedad and Yasuda Group unveiled their newly signed strategic partnership. Leading figures from both organizations were present at the press conference, which took place in the Tokyo Midtown Hall & Conference in the city center, along with thirty Japanese media outlets.The event began with a group photo and respective introductions and welcome speeches.  Both institutions conveyed their fondness for the people of Japan in relation to the recent earthquake that occurred a week ago.

The CEO of Yasuda Group, Keisuke Yasuda, greeted Real Sociedad and  thanked the txuri urdin club for their visit to Japanese lands. In his speech, he emphasized that both Yasuda and Real have taken the same path, addressing young Japanese individuals aspiring to develop their football careers in other countries and acknowledging the training of young people who want to play football in Japan.

Subsequently, Jokin Aperribay thanked Yasuda for the excellent treatment received to date and eagerly referred to the work ahead for both parties. "We will try to bring Real closer to the Japanese people. There are more and more people around Real, Zubieta, and the city. We want to continue bringing joy to the Japanese people. We will prepare significant and successful projects with Yasuda in Japan." The Real Sociedad president also confirmed that in 2024, the first team will travel to Japan to play a match in Tokyo. "We are excited to come with our best players and have the colors of Real present in Japan," Aperribay stated.

The implementation of a development program in Japanese territory is another aspect of the strategic agreement between the two organizations. Roberto Olabe affirmed that Real coaches in Japan will be involved in the initiative right away, first with technical centers and then the academy. Our focus at Real is on education, training, and development. Two of our foundations are understanding of the game and caring for the individual. "We want the Japanese player to be a part of the Real succession line program", he stated.The event concluded with a group photo and media interviews. Additionally, there was a chance to get autographs and pictures. Attendees included a representative from LaLiga and members of the Reala Nippon fan club.

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