“A Real with a right to dream”


Jokin Aperribay began his speech with a message for the women’s team and field hockey team. “Winning the Copa de la Reina is a milestone for female football. The crowning touch to a wonderful career. This is a reward for everyone who has given their best in favor of female football. Teams like Añorga, Oiartzun, Mariño and so on. Our field hockey team was European runners-up and we wish to record our deep appreciation of the team. Playing that final made us all happy. We are very proud of both teams and it is an honor that the city of San Sebastián award them the Golden Drum since this recognition demonstrates that Real makes a decisive contribution to transformation in the society of Gipuzkoa. Nowadays we are 34,119 members who give the club strength. In 2015, we decided to renew the Anoeta Stadium. As a result, we are a bigger club, stronger and more committed. We didn’t remove the athletics tracks to bring football closer to people. We did it in order to get close to people. Our fans have focused on the team and the club. The greatness of the Reale Arena is not a matter of space, it’s just a matter of shared experiences and hope. We must continue to build a Real with caution but also with ambition. Our challenge is to become a club and a team which deserve the best results. We do not only want to move forward- we want to be at the top. A Real with a right to dream”.

Nerea Aramburu presented the economic data with an accounting profit of EUR 10 million (season 18-19) and a budget of EUR 104 million for the season 19-20. Aramburu confirmed that on June 30, 2019 the net equity of Real Sociedad was EUR 85 million. The adviser Jesús Ruiz spoke about the upgrading of the investment in the remodeling of the Anoeta Stadium-the amount needed to apply for a new authorisation amounts to up to EUR 8 million. The real cost for the Club is EUR 64,4 million. The cost of the Reale Arena official project is EUR 57,9 million, of which 14 are provided by the institutions. Aside from the official project, Real has decided to implement improvements that will enhance the quality of the stadium: high-tech facilities, better visibility and accessibility and a more effective deployment of the new internal resources. In short, a more modern football stadium. These improvements amount to EUR 17 million. The result is a total investment of EUR 78,6 million of which Real assumes 82,18%.

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